Three Cheap Winter Travel Destinations 2015

Summer gets shrunk down and winter is right around the corner (where did the time go?) Now that you feel the chill of the shifting seasons, you might be getting the itch to travel. There are however, here’s my list of the best three: Thailand, Iceland, along with Bulgaria.


Because it is warm thailand may look like the most obvious option, but there is actually some reasoning behind Bulgaria and Iceland, which I’ll share below. Without further ado, here is more.


This Asian country boasts to-die-for cuisine, dozens of islands, historical sites, along with large cities. Once you’re there, Thailand is cheap, especially in the event such as I did you plan to eat neighborhood.


Best time to go: Like with most southeastern Asian nations, the best time to go to Thailand is December through March. The temperatures are too hot or the weather is wet.

Affordability variables: for all those of us that reside at the U.S., Thailand may seem worlds apart. It is, after all, on the opposing side of Earth. However, Thailand offers more affordable food choices and beach holidays compared to Caribbean. If you are prepared to devote a little more on airfare, as soon as you’re there, it is really quite cheap (1 US Dollar is equaled to about 35.95 Thai Baht). I personally utilized the hottest flight deals to be seen by Tripscan from my home city of Miami, Florida. I could access with no more than one stop to Bangkok for only $546 every way, as you can see.

For ideas about Thailand traveling, take a look at our post 15 Places You Must See in Thailand.

Three Cheap Winter Travel Destinations 2015

You could be thinking, huh? However, Iceland doesn’t get quite as cold in winter. It is a complete myth that Iceland can’t be enjoyed in the winter — its weather is light for its latitude which contributes to the warm Atlantic atmosphere. Therefore, if you can manage cold but not freezing, then you will be rewarded with some. Additionally, you will have thermal pool to warm up in Iceland’s world-famous Blue Lagoon.

Best time to go: High period is mid-June through August. If people can see the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, september through March is. Activities include Golden Circle tours, dog sledding, fishing, glacier tours, thermal pools and pools, ski, along with Christmas markets.

Affordability variables: If you are planning a visit to Europe in North America (or vice versa), think about taking Icelandair to get a stopover of up to seven days in Iceland without a extra charge to your own fares. Have a look at these Lonely Planet tips for how to save money when vacationing in Iceland.

Bulgaria is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. The truth is that could have an inexpensive and amazing holiday in Bulgaria year-round. The motive? Bulgaria doesn’t use the euro. I spoke to a lot of locals who enjoy having a laugh at tourists that pay very high prices to ski at different parts of Europe, while visiting Bulgaria a couple of years back. Bulgaria boasts Borovets in the Rila Mountains: Bansko at Pirin National Park, ski resorts in Throughout the country, and Pamporovo and Chepelare at the Rhodopi Mountains.

Best time to go: 15th of December Throughout the 15th of May.

Affordability variables: Bansko along with the others provide sole and multi-day ski and snowboarding packages. A 3-day full ski bundle in Bansko (gear and lift pass) is $139 per adult. That’s the price for only a one-day elevator pass in Aspen (no gear included). Below is my search of flights out of Miami on Sofia.

And as an added bonus Tripscan also gives you live weather updates of this departure and arrival city.

Three Cheap Winter Travel Destinations 2015

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