Top 5 Places to Visit

Back in May of 2019, I embarked upon a two-week adventure through South Korea with my buddy Sam, who actually referred to as the country home a few years past. Our itinerary included a few of the places to visit from South Korea and that I could not wait to begin exploring. It had been my very first visit to the country, so out of what I’d read online, I understood very little. I had been traveling with a great friend, so that I knew I would have an enjoyable time, but I’d no concept that I would fall in love with the country.

Top 5 Places to Visit


Street Markets

Tongin Market

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From the jungle of Seoul into the world-class beachfront paradise of Busan, South Korea was a treat from the minute I arrived into the second I. Dive into the history of Gyeongju I got to learn more about the markets of Daegu, and stay at a Buddhist temple! Let me take you to a tour of my favourite spots to visit in this country that is amazing. Each of these blew my mind and made me fall further in love. I hope you like these places. These are the top five places to visit from South Korea.



Namdaemun Market

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Trips through South Korea finish and will probably start in Seoul, the country’s capital and largest city. With its bright lights, glass-and-steel skyscrapers that are innovative and flourishing, contemporary culture, it can be tough to keep in mind that Seoul’s origins can be traced as far back as 18 BC. Its sites that are hyper-modern stand alongside traditional locations, such as palaces and traditional street markets and temples. It is this mix of fresh and old that makes Seoul among of the greatest places to visit from South Korea.



Mangwon Market

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Without exploring its street markets, Seoul can’t be really experienced by you. You will find many to select from, and some are somewhat more picky than the others. Additionally, there are street markets that have a local vibe, and that are usually my favorites.

Beomeosa Temple


Myeongdong Street

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Top 5 Places to Visit

One I adored was Tongin Market, a covered market that dates back to 1941 and reminded me of Nishiki Market at Kyoto, Japan. There, I tried several outstanding foods such as a moist and spicy kimchi pancake known as some mouthwatering tteok-bokki, an extra-long gimbap, plus kimchi-jeon. Try the sour and sweet dakgangjeong if you like fried chicken!  The food here is outstanding and creates Tongin Market among the best places to visit from South Korea.


Modern Sites

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If you’re searching for street food in addition to particular memorabilia, check out Namdaemun Market, that has been around since 1414 and is home to 10,000 stalls. It’s possible to find more innovative creations like the sexy dog, in addition to your street foods there like gimbap and tteok-bokki. I also suggest the pork and kimchi mandu, that can be out of the world. Check out the clothes vendors, after you stop eating and learn more about the maze-like Korean folklore shops. Get yourself a or purchase some authentic wooden masks!


For a more local market expertise, head over to Mangwon Market on Seoul side. As locals nearly exclusively visited it this jewel is more of an market. Try the odeng fish cake wrapped round a cheese stick (it is known as a sexy bar), and don’t miss the tender and succulent grilled puffer fish pancake! You can sample a wide variety of some of the most pork stomach, spicy chicken, and tempura ! It is among the greatest places to visit without a doubt, in South Korea!

Top 5 Places to Visit

Street Food at BIFF Square

One of the regions would be Myeongdong Street. But just because there are tourists endures in quality. There is an amazing selection of sweets and almonds, such as Pop Rock peppers and wasabi. The egg bun is really a amazing sweet and nutty treat that I couldn’t get enough of. Don’t miss the meaty and cheesy Myeongdong dakgalbi, gimbap with roe, and skewered chicken. The chicken could be addressed in several sauces, such as one it felt as though someone had lit a fire!

Top 5 Places to Visit

Taejongdae Resort Park

Seoul’s are one of the top places to visit in South Korea because that they lay out and clarify the country’s history. I believe until you understand what they have been through to reach wherever they’re, you can not fully comprehend its people or a country. The museums of seoul are excellent spots to get a crash course.

Shopping and Recreational Activities

Check out the National Museum of Korea, that is the flagship tradition for showcasing Korean history and artwork. One of the highlights of my trip there have been the assortment of celadon ceramics in the 12th and 13th centuries. One of the coolest exhibits is that a hallway filled with sculptures of Arhats, that can be figures who have reached enlightenment. There is also an activity at which you use it as a stamp to deliver a letter and can split your Korean seal!

Top 5 Places to Visit

After Your Arrival

There would be A more somber museum the Korean War Memorial Museum, which commemorates those who lost their lives through the war. The floor level is a large hall where cannons, planes, buggies, cars, and tanks are on display. Additional inside is the Korean War Room, where war weapons are showcased from the states that participated in the war together with army uniforms. Plaques round the area respect.


For a look at Korean history, take a visit to Cheongwadae Sarangchae Museum. One of its exhibits is the Wall of Presidents, which honors each of the country’s presidents in 1948 to 2017. Learn about its own civic movement in rooms that are interactive, and South Korea’s most prominent tourist destinations, street markets!

Morning and evening Activities

One of my favorite places to See in South Korea Has Been a Buddhist Temple at the neighborhood, Jogyesa Temple.

It is the temple for the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. During my visit in May of 2019, the temple has been decked out in brilliant landscapes for the yearly Buddha’s Christmas party. Itis a terrific way to learn more while admiring the exquisite architecture of the temple and’s a sight to behold.

Historical Sites

Seoul is also home to 2 leading palaces, both of that offer educational adventures and are a treasure trove of data on the past of Korea. Gyeongbokgung Palace, also a palace that was built in 1395, was the house of their families, kings, and their government officials. The complex includes a temple, a museum homes, a pond, a pavilion, and more. You’re in for free if you visit a hanbok was referred to as by Gyeongbokgung Palace wearing traditional clothes!

Top 5 Places to Visit

Korean Chinese Food

The other palace you have to visit, Changdeokgung Palace, was recorded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is not hard to see why. It goes straight back to 1405 and is traditionally regarded as an”outstanding example of Far Eastern Blvd garden and architecture designs.” This palace has been the family’s favourite. It is home to over 26,000 species of trees and the otherworldly garden. Entrance prices USD, or just under $ 8,000 8,000 won. It is more than worth the price!

In addition to its historic sites, Seoul is also filled with modern attractions that are ripe for exploring. One of them is Seoul Tower, which is situated in Namsam Park. You’re going to be treated to plenty of greenery along the road and many viewpoints offering a look at the city, if you decide to hike through the park to get there. The view from the top of Seoul Tower is just one of the ages. From that point, you can see for miles, all the way into the distant mountains!

The other of the towers, Lotte World Tower of Seoul is one of the places to visit from South Korea. It is the fifth-tallest building in the world at 1,821 feet tall and is home to a resort, some mall, and the highest observation deck that is glass-bottomed ! Before you go high up, catch a bibimbap at the Seoul Seoul 3080 food court. Love one of the coolest observation decks in the world. It is spacious and large and offers a panoramic view of the city. The glass-bottomed part of flooring is trippy and lying down on it is a huge rush I highly recommend!

Top 5 Places to Visit

A lively seaport on the southeastern shore of South Korea, Busan is a traveler’s dream. Whether you’re a beach bum, a shopaholic, a civilization fanatic, or even a lover of great food, Busan has something for you.

You can not visit Busan without exploring the maze-like collection of buildings and winding paths known as Gamcheon Culture Village. There, you will find shops and some of the more unusual street food of South Korea options. Go to Haeundae Beach, the country’s longest beach, if take a stroll along its boardwalk or you’d like to take a dip into Pacific.

Lovers of fresh fish is going to be in heaven at Jagalchi Fish Industry , which is the country’s biggest fish market with over 900 sellers on its ground floor. There, a bass can be purchased by you and the vendor will prepare it for you. They will send it up for you to eat it within a huge chobap feast!

Top 5 Places to Visit

The offerings can not be missed by street food enthusiasts at BIFF Square, which include odeng and tteok-bokki , the blood sausage known as sundae, also dakgangjeong. There is also a cheesy scallop known as garibi plus also a giant, toasted marshmallow with ice cream within. I suggest skipping the beondegi, which is a silkworm creatures that burst in my mouth and left me gag!

Get a bird’s-eye view of Busan in Busan Tower, and then head down to Taejongdae Resort Park to really have an insanely fresh uncooked octopus meal. Further are different viewing points offering some of the most spectacular views in all of South Korea and temples. They have been absolutely magnificent!

In case you’ve got high-end tastes, check out Shinsegae Centum City. Baseball fanatics should not miss the chance to delight in a Lotte Giants baseball game at Sajik Stadium. Some of the top places to see from South Korea, Beomeosa Temple, is also situated in Busan. More on that later!

While many travelers that visit South Korea explore Seoul and Busan, it would be a crime to miss out on Daegu, the country’s fourth-largest city. It is a delightful mix of contemporary and traditional and wound up being among the primary highlights of my trip.

As is the case in every city, I suggest obtaining a view of Daegu from above. Yet another of the best places to visit from South Korea to do that, head up to 83 Tower. From its observation deck to the 77th flooring, you are going to get to see exactly how expansive the city is and how it’s nestled in a valley between plenty of hills.

Top 5 Places to Visit

Have a visit to this Joseon-era Seomun Market to get a real sense for what Daegu is all about. You be the only Westerners there! Try the buchingae, and it can be the doughnut-like hotteok, in addition to favorites like tteok-bokki odeng, and a leek pancake. This market is just one of my favourite areas to visit from South Korea. For a look at Korea’s musical history, check out Kim Kwang-Seok Street, that can be devoted to a few of the most beloved pop celebrities of the country.

Top 5 Places to Visit

Don’t lose out on the chance to test one of the culinary specialties jjim, that can be braised short ribs of Daegu. They are tacky and tender, and the tastes are just out of the world! Try it at Bongsan Jjimgalbi at the area for some of the city’s greatest!

Top 5 Places to Visit

Travel is all about immersion. I like to acquire. There is no expertise than the overnight temple stay in South Korea that is more local or more immersive. My temple stay was at Beomeosa Temple at Busan and has been a truly life-changing adventure.  It is simply one of the greatest places to visit in South Korea because it is!

The immersion starts as you’ll be provided a ensemble that is standard to wear during your stay. When you alter, you are going to meet the monk, that is going to teach you clarify the temple principles to properly play three bows, and carry you.

Top 5 Places to Visit

While the food you will eat for supper — vegetables, cherry soup, and rice — is easy etiquette is all about but. You are going to learn mealtime rules, in addition to how to organize your bowls. You should only consume just as much food as you can eat as you have to eat all of it! Food is also intended to be eaten discreetly, which means you have to maintain up your bowl on your face.

Top 5 Places to Visit

Evening activities include watching a performance at the drum tower of the temple, a ceremony known as yebul, also prostrations. The prostrations have been all 108 full bows, and that you will follow with creating a bracelet with 108 beads. Following that, it’s time for bed. Lights go out at 9:30 p.m. and you’re going to sleep in a tropical hall on mats with other members of the sex.

After wake-up time you’ll engage in meditation , followed with a buffet-style breakfast , or cham-seon. You have to wash your own dishes since nobody will do it for you. You’ll visit with a temple and enjoy the da-seon, or tea ceremony, before it is time to leave, with all the monk!

My adventure at Beomeosa Temple was beautiful and mind-blowing, while traveling, and among the most tranquil things I have ever done. It is something every traveler should experience and should be on everybody’s list of the top places to visit from South Korea.

If you’re a huge history buff like I am, you have to visit the city of Gyeongju. This city is just one of the greatest places to visit in South Korea because of this. It is home to numerous structures in the Silla Kingdom era (57 BC-935 AD) and is the best spot to see architecture in the Joseon Dynasty (1388-1910).

Where you’ll find the mounds of the Daereungwon Tomb Sophisticated head over to Tumuli Park.

Every one of these mounds there are over 150 of these, and is a Silla-era grave. Visiting with the king’s tomb, Cheonmachong, is an especially disgusting experience. Inside are elaborate jewelry, silver, gold and pottery pieces that are ancient, and the remains of the king’s coffin. There are also. This grave alone leaves Gyeongju one of the greatest places to visit from South Korea!

Not is a roughly 30-foot-tall rock tower that was built in 647, your Cheomseongdae Observatory. It also functioned as a watch tower to keep a watch out and had been used to celebrate the night skies! One of the other excellent places to See in South Korea comprise the Donggung Palace and the ruins of Banwolseong Palace of Gyeongju. Don’t miss Wolji Pond and the magnificent Gyeongju National Museum.

During the time you’re at Gyeongju, be sure to try out some meals that is Korean at Eohyang-Won Restaurant. A number of my favourite dishes included the breaded and deep-fried pork nuggets known as tangsuyuk, which can be served in a sweet and sour sauce. Also, try out the greasy although tasty jajangmyeon, that can be noodles served at a sauce. The gun-mandu are incredible. They are full of flavor have a crispy, crunchy exterior, and are bursting with tender!

Those are my favourite areas to visit from South Korea, but in all honesty, there are so many more that you should visit. I suggest beginning with these destinations and also doing some exploring of your own and discovering gems which might not have made my own list. Book a visit now and tell me all about your areas to visit from South Korea by leaving me a comment below!

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