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Can’t Miss Stone of St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City

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Situated in the ancient and glamorous city of Rome is Vatican City. Vatican City famous for the association with home of the Pope and the chair of Catholicism, is filled with different antiquities, architectural attractiveness plus plenty of classical and renaissance art. Among the most breathtaking of those renaissance masterpieces is St. Peter’s Basilica. History ….  Read More

UK Airports Are Working Hard To Make to Be Available to Disabled Travelers

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The 2015/2016 CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) was recently released to the public, highlighting the present level of access to the UK’s busiest airports. Over 30 of the UK’s major airports were evaluated on the level and quality of support given for their clients with reduced mobility. The report emphasized that an impressive 85% of passengers ….  Read More

Is Guatemala?

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I had heard from plenty of people that the nation is harmful, particularly now with the influx of vacationers along with the Mayan doomsday prediction before coming in Guatemala. I told them I was very interested in organizing a media trip, and contacted INGUAT, the Guatemalan tourism board. I never asked myself”Is Guatemala harmful?” In ….  Read More