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Places to Visit

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I did not really know what to anticipate As soon as Suriname and I visited at July of 2019. Beyond that information on the country was scarce, although I’d researched lots of areas to visit in Suriname. Nevertheless, as soon as I arrived, I found an country full of diversity stone, tropical paradises wonders, and ….  Read More

Top 5 Best Ways

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You will never forget the very first time. It’s even though having been there now dozens of 18, a panorama which still takes my breath away.  The water is your deepest blue, although the skies shadings of blue make it difficult to distinguish the horizon in the ocean… and there’s that mythical giant, Mt. Vesuvius.  ….  Read More

Is Guatemala?

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I had heard from plenty of people that the nation is harmful, particularly now with the influx of vacationers along with the Mayan doomsday prediction before coming in Guatemala. I told them I was very interested in organizing a media trip, and contacted INGUAT, the Guatemalan tourism board. I never asked myself”Is Guatemala harmful?” In ….  Read More


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Exciting Rock Climbing Thousands of visitors are then served in a communal-style dining hall, and volunteers clean everything from the floors to the dishes and utensils. Most importantly, everyone is considered equal, regardless of rank, race, cast, color, or religion. There is nothing but love and acceptance here and you can feel it in the ….  Read More